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Carpet Repairs

Carpet Repair - What You Need to Know


Carpet Stretching: If your carpet has wrinkles, lumps, waves, bulges, bunches or is coming loose, call us for professional carpet repair. We will take care of your carpet issues and provide carpet re-stretching services.

Carpet Patching: When you need an area of carpet patched because you have damaged carpet, it is less expensive if you provide the carpet necessary to finish the job. Many times, people do not have the spare carpet to do the repair, so in that case, we can remove some of the carpet a closet area. If that is not desired, for an additional cost, we can source a matching carpet for you.

Carpet Repair

Carpet/Floor Transitions: Many wood floor contractors and tile contractors will not transition your floor from carpet, because it takes special tools. However, our professional carpet repair team has the right tools to complete the job and ensure the transition is safe and satisfactory to you.

Carpet Seam Repair: Carpet seams are supposed to stay together until your carpet wears out. When seams fall apart it is usually because the installer did not follow industry standards during installation. Depending on the seam and if no damage has been caused to it, we can repair your carpet with minimal visual impact.

Stair Carpeting: You do not have to replace your entire carpet if the first few steps are worn or damaged. If your stair carpeting matches the rest of the home, we can take extra carpet from any extra on hand or carpet from a closet to replace what is worn. If needed, we can also replace the carpet on the entire set of stairs.

Flood Damaged Carpet: We know a thing or two about floods. When flooding happens to your carpet and padding - it is no laughing matter! A big problem occurs when the padding gets soaked, because then it takes a long time to dry out. When you call our professional carpet repair team to take care of your flooded carpeting, we come to your home, pull back the carpet, remove all the padding, set up high power blowers, dry the carpet, replace the pad, re-install the carpet, and then give your carpet a deep clean. We can also assist in more than just your carpet cleaning and repair. (see our Residential Emergency Services page for more details.)