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Posted by: ECO Clean
Posted on: Friday December 12, 2014 at 3:54 PM

Cleaning with a Conscience

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Carpets are not alone in exhibiting signs of wear, as repetitive use can grind dirt into hard surfaces, requiring a floor cleaning that is more involved than a simple mopping. No one wants the edges of a room or hallway to be glossy while the most traveled parts are dirty, scuffed, and dull. Hard surfaces are extremely durable, but just like any high traffic area these spaces need to be regularly tended to in order to look their best and make them last. Floor cleaning requires different techniques and products for each type of material. Something that may be used to make ceramic tiles glossy may not be ideal for treating wood, and professionals are equipped with levels of experience that prevent the common mistakes that stem from unfamiliarity. There are companies that practice hard surface floor cleaning for the parts of a home or business that are not padded with carpets or rugs.

Materials like ceramic tiles, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, granite, marble, stone, and brick are some of the types of hard surface coverings that are available. Besides sweeping and mopping, the proper maintenance of a hard surface includes waxing, stripping, burnishing, buffing, and scrubbing, depending on the type. Some need polishing or special coatings to prolong their life. A surface that is not sealed, or improperly sealed, is more likely to have permanent staining. Besides high quality care, hiring a professional also has the benefit of providing a person with knowledge and correct information on the care of these hard surfaces. Some do-it-yourself maintenance tricks, like using ammonia or vinegar, can have a negative effect on sealant. Some products can leave a residue that ends up attracting dirt. Using bleach between tiles may eat away at the top layer of grout, resulting in a more porous surface that is prone to staining. A professional will know exactly what to use and what to avoid.

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