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Those dark spots on the wall... They aren't chocolate!

Sometimes you see it, and sometimes you smell it, but however you first discover black mold in your Denver, Galveston, or Houston area home or place of business, it's never a fun experience.

ECO Restoration & Cleaning Services mold remediation specialists have a proven track record of identifying, containing, and removing mold. Unlike other "cleaning companies," we understand that mold is a health threat and must be removed from your environment.

Three words you never want to hear are, "You've got mold." This sentence can send a chill down most home or business owners' spines. How did it get there? What do you do NOW?

One fact to remember about mold- it is everywhere. Right this very minute mold spores are in your home, office, car, grocery store, local gym, and your children's school. It's just nature doing what nature does.

If one small change takes place in an area, the balance of a controlled environment can shift. Of course, the most common change to a controlled environment is excess moisture, which, in turn, causes an increase in humidity. And mold spores love humidity!

Mold problems can be the result of numerous different and unexpected water issues. A large spill, burst water pipe, or local flooding caused by a storm, if left unattended, may grow mold because of unnoticed leaks in roofing or plumbing in confined cabinet spaces.

Visible black mold growth inside your home or business is a definite indication of a potential health risk. This needs to be inspected by a professional ASAP. A little mold may not cause too many issues, but if you are seeing large areas of mold on your ceiling, walls, or floor, this can be a serious health concern, especially for babies and small children, the elderly, asthmatic individuals, and those with compromised immune systems.

ECO Restoration & Cleaning Services follows the IICRC S-520 standard in all of our mold remediation procedures. We follow protocols to the highest standard to ensure your safety and provide you with peace of mind.

Mold Removal and Remediation in Denver, Galveston, and Houston

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We've offered mold removal and remediation services for over 16 years. When you're faced with a mold issue in your home or place of business, you want a proven and experienced restoration company that can handle your claim with integrity and respect, not just another cleaning service.

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  • Follows all customary insurance industry standards
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Our Mold Remediation Process

Step 1: Identify & Remove

Once our mold removal and remediation specialists arrive at your Houston and Galveston, TX and Denver, CO home or place of business, they will identify mold-affected areas and create a detailed decontamination plan.

Before this plan can be executed, they will have to contain the affected areas. Mold spores spread easily, so this step is one of the most critical in the process.

Next, we will create negative air pressure and add a HEPA filter exhaust to the exterior to avoid cross-contamination. We are committed to following industry-recognized procedures to remove all mold and mold-contaminated items and surfaces safely.

If any of your personal belongings or furniture have been contaminated but can be saved, we will carefully inventory those, pack them up, and send them off for off-site cleaning and decontamination.

Step 2: Control Humidity Levels

The next step of our mold remediation process is to ensure that the mold's source is removed. Our technicians will create a detailed drying plan to safely and effectively reduce moisture levels. We will use a combination of dehumidifiers and air movers until the target Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) has been reached.

Step 3: Clean-Up

Once your home or office environment is dry, our technicians will use a HEPA vacuum on all surfaces to remove the mold spores. We only use true HEPA filters, which have been designed to trap and remove the tiniest of particles from the environment.

If our team finds it necessary, they will conduct a complete cleaning and sanitization of your air duct systems. During this process, we use sanitizers, disinfectants, and anti-microbial products to remove any possibility of residual mold. To complete this process, a final vacuuming of all affected surfaces is done.

Step 4: Return

Once all mold and contaminated items have been removed, and the disinfection, decontamination, and cleaning processes have been completed, it's time to restore your home or business to pre-loss condition. We will return any flooring surfaces and furniture items and touch up any paint that may be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mold

Anytime the moisture levels in your home are at 60% or higher, mold can grow. What's frustrating for many property owners is that they don't see a puddle on the floor or water dripping from the ceiling. When mold grows, the source of the moisture is usually hidden under floorboards or behind walls.

It could be. Because mold spores are microscopic and airborne, you'll end up breathing them into your lungs. Depending on the type of mold and how well your immune system functions, you may develop some serious health symptoms that could end up being the result of mold. That's why a mold remediation company takes mold removal so seriously. The space affected by mold is isolated and contained during cleaning so the spores won't spread to other areas of the house, and the remediation team stays suited up in Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the process.

For the majority of surfaces in your home, bleach won't actually get rid of your mold problem. It's the "iceberg effect." Visible mold is usually a small percentage of the actual amount of mold growth. Bleach can't kill mold on porous surfaces like wood, and while tile or fiberglass surfaces can be cleaned with bleach, often the mold has spread far deeper. The reason why mold remediation companies don't recommend DIY cleanup isn't that they want to make more money; they know, in their experience, that a mold problem is usually far more invasive than can be seen with the naked eye. Simply cleaning the surfaces can provide false assurances that you got rid of the mold, only to have it come back time and time again.

Sometimes mold remediation is included if the cause of the mold was a "covered peril" like a burst hot water heater or water damage caused by firefighters extinguishing a fire in your house. Gradual water damage - like from a leaking pipe or hose - will often cause mold growth, but your insurance coverage will usually not cover that by claiming that it was caused by poor maintenance or neglect. If your insurance company denies your claim, you should request an inspection from a mold remediation company that can help you document the source of the mold.

If the inspection/assessment process was able to pinpoint the source and cause of the mold growth, once that source is repaired, you can be relatively confident about the success of remediation. Ask if your restoration technician has the IICRC certification for "Applied Microbial Remediation." You can also request a "post-remediation mold clearance" from a third-party mold inspector to re-test the area for any remaining traces of mold before the area is treated with a sealer or encapsulant to resist future mold growth.

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