Denver Carpet/Flooring Green Seal Certified Cleaners

Posted by: ECO Clean
Posted on: Saturday December 27, 2014 at 3:21 PM

Cleaning With A Conscience

Commercial Floor Mats

Having your floor mats picked up and changed out by a separate company can be costly but cleaning them is not. Whether we are at your business providing another service or this is the only service you need, ECO Clean can give your floor mats a deep steam cleaning.

Are you considering purchasing floor mats? We have a long running relationship with companies that can customize your rugs to fit your business's decor and size needs. The upfront cost for purchasing may be more but we can help you save money by maintaining your investment for many years.

Commercial Emergency Services & Restoration

If you have been a victim in a flood, the need for a high quality, quick responding water restoration crew is your top priority. At ECO Clean we show up on time, provide fast and professional water restoration services and get your business back to normal as quickly as possible.

Every flood is unique – we make sure your water restoration service plan is too and we will give you a professional estimate for only the water restoration services you need.

The sooner you call us, the sooner we can stop the water damage and begin your business's restoration service plan. Waiting to call us will only allow the problem to get worse. Most insurance companies will cover your claim when you call a water restoration company immediately, however, if you wait and let the problem get worse your insurance claim may be denied. The reason insurance companies often deny flood claims is because flooding is simple problem to fix when you have a quick response by a professional water restoration company. However, when you wait mold starts to grow and then it becomes much more expensive and the liability becomes much riskier.

It does not matter if it is day or night, ECO Clean is ready, and at your service. Leave all your worries about fixing water damage to us and we will have your business restored to new as quickly as possible.

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