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Posted by: ECO Clean
Posted on: Wednesday October 1, 2014 at 3:17 PM

Cleaning with a Conscience

Green Seal Certification

Green Seal offers certification for the products, services, and companies that meet Green Seal standards. The Green Seal mark represents compliance with a rigorous set of criteria designed to achieve leadership levels in sustainability. Those that have been certified have met the same performance and quality requirements you would expect from the traditional, non-green counterparts due to the performance criteria in each of the Green Seal standards. Green Seal certification is not just a "one-time deal". Companies establish an ongoing commitment to health and the environment through annual compliance monitoring and work towards continuous improvement.

A certification is only as strong as the standard upon which it is based. Green Seal standards consider the total environmental impact of a product and reduce that impact while maintaining the same performance and quality you would expect. They are created with the input of a wide array of participants, including industry, government, public interest and private-sector groups, and people like you.

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