Galveston Condo Restoration

Posted on: Monday September 14, 2020 at 9:28 AM

"They found us online and the damage was from a washing machine that overflowed for nearly 2 hours while the homeowners were out for a walk on the beach," Mike Murphy, owner of ERC, shared of a recent restoration project. Their condo unit, which is located on the 3rd floor, also flooded two units below them. Our team provided the emergency water mitigation services and later all the damage repair for all 3 units with separate owners.

Due to the complexity of the project, we had to work fastidiously for each owner with their specific insurance company and adjuster. Additionally, we had to manage HOA restrictions and requirements and property management expectations. This was a multi-customer, multi-unit, complex project. Each unit had it's own particular needs based off of damages so we had multiple trades and project timelines working throughout the entire process.

As with any project, there may be unexpected bumps in the road. One of the unit owners found out they had an error in their policy and with their coverages. We patiently paced with the customer and the insurance provider to get the finer details ironed out. Although this did cause questions of whether a large portion of their project would not be covered, fortunately, the agent remedied the errors and all the damage was covered. "We have found that this is not the case for many and it's a great reminder to always double check you policy details," suggested Amanda Murphy, company CFO.

Our team is happy to share that all of the homeowners were pleased with the outcome of their units. Two of the unites are vacation rentals, and we had to collaborate with one local owner and one living out of state. Our crew made sure the set deadlines were a top priority so neither owner's rental plans were impacted. Having to deal with a project like this locally is hard but being out of state can be an added stress. The out-of-state owners had to trust our team to take care of everything while they were managing from afar. We assured them they were in good hands and our team helped make the process run as smooth as possible. We kept open communication with them from start to finish. As a special thank you, one of the owners offered a free night stay to one of the project managers. We are glad to report that all three unit occupants were very happy with the services we provided.