Mold Remediation Project For Local Houston Bank

Posted on: Monday November 9, 2020 at 9:32 AM

A Houston bank called us to initially provide only mold testing. After meeting with our project manager, we informed them we're a full service restoration company. We not only do mold remediation, but can also rebuild their facility post-remediation. So, they were eager to work with us after learning this. This project's scope of service and necessary protocol needs were different than our standard projects. Since this was a bank, with federal security needs to address, the project required several critical details be addressed. We had the added work of keeping the site secure as well as not exposing any of their employees to an active mold infestation.

For our initial process, we had to find what was causing the mold. It sometimes is easy to pinpoint the source and, other times, we have to put on our investigating hats. Mold can be caused by one source or multiple sources can contribute to its growth. It is imperative to figure out the source so it can be removed. Once the source is removed, the damage can be repaired. We checked all the common (ex: roof and window leaks) and not-so-common sources (ex: several office plant pots with an excessive amount of extra, standing water) to determine the cause. This specific location had multiple contributing factors to the mold spread. Once we determined the moisture sources, we removed them and began our next phase of work. Our investigation results and further determinations led us to remove and remediate most of the buildings interior.

To be successful on this remediation, we involved many different trades. They all contributed in helping us pass the necessary air quality test on the first try. For those that don't know, when air quality is part of the project (and it is with mold) you need to have air levels tested. These tests determine how high and where the mold counts are concentrated. We use these counts to determine what remediation and protocol steps are needed on a per project basis. Some areas were not as contaminated as others but each was given the same level of attention. Other trades such as HVAC & roofers were brought in to help as well.

We are satisfied with the results so far and the customer has asked us to continue on to the next phase of the project - the rebuild. As the project progresses we will give updates on our newsletter and you can see pictures in our Photo Gallery - check out our website for photos at