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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

Commercial Carpet Cleaners 

Having the carpet in your office or commercial building professionally cleaned is a great way to create a professional image. Clean carpets help to make a positive first impression for your customers and potential new customers. Clean carpets also contribute to a healthy working environment. ECO Restoration & Cleaning Services provide professional carpet cleaning for commercial clients largely in several states. Our commercial customers include restaurants, movie theaters, retail stores, hotels, day care centers, churches, banks and more. We also do work for property management and insurance companies. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet: Middle section cleaned and surrounding area with ground in dirt and grime. 

Leave A Lasting Impression

Our commercial carpet cleaning team of experienced professionals use high quality products and top-of-the-line equipment to carefully and effectively clean carpets, remove stains and eliminate odors associated with soiled carpets. We specialize in the removal of difficult stains such as grease and particularly difficult odors including smoke. Our professionals can get your carpets looking great and smelling like new.

Allergens such as dirt, dust and smoke can become trapped in the fibers of your carpet. This can cause problems for people with allergies, asthma and other respiratory and breathing issues. Having a carpet cleaner professionally service your carpet regularly contributes to a healthy working environment.


Commercial Carpeting Cleaning

Before and After


You will be amazed by our results as well as our service. We are a locally owned and operated commercial carpet cleaning company---fully licensed and insured.

Not a last resort...before you spend the money replacing the carpeting in your office or commercial building due to stains and odors, contact our team to schedule your appointment. 


Before commercial carpet cleaning


After commercial carpet cleaning